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I work with hoteliers and experience makers to create moments and businesses that guests love.


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My story so far…

I’m an eternal optimist and I’ve always been energised by what the future could be which is why after college and university in Canada, I went to Australia on holiday. That trip turned into a career in the travel industry.

To get my foot into advertising I started doing recaps of the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. It pretty much got me fired from my first job but it taught me invaluable lessons on how to build a community and how to get my foot in the door as a young strategist. I went on to write You Suck At PowerPoint which was meant as a tongue-in-cheek how-to guide. 10 years later it still gets tens of thousands of views a month.

This habit of creating presentation decks helped get me get next gig at Tourism Australia where I was global head of social and content. During my 7 year tenure, Australia’s social profiles were heavily awarded and the envy of the destination marketing space. I named my strategy ‘The World’s Biggest Social Media Team’, which became the blueprint for the Australian tourism industry on social. In 2012 I started the @Australia Instagram profile. It’s still one of the most popular travel profiles today. I worked on a several global brand campaigns during my time at Tourism Australia, but one of my favourite days was when I censored a kangaroo picture. It made international news.

Some of my favourite brand partnerships I’ve worked on so far have been with Facebook, GoPro, City of Sydney, Buzzfeed, DJI, Cannon and Cannes Lions

In 2016 I completed my MBA with the Berlin School of Creative Leadership. I wrote my thesis on how we could remix one of the most iconic tourism ads of all time.

I’m now running fwNATION. A consultancy that works with the best leaders in travel to help them create breakthroughs for their business. I’m mostly based in Bangkok which is an incredible hub of creativity, my team also work in Sydney and Singapore.

According to psychologist Donald O. Clifton my top 5 strengths are Ideation, Futuristic, Activator, Learner and Intellection. My Kolbe A index is 4-2-9-5, which means I spend most of my days now playing to my strengths developing strategic blueprints for businesses, coaching, brainstorming and developing products such as the



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